Tuesday, September 10, 2013

RONNIE RAY - Lost and Found

Ronnie is a good friend and really something special, you could call him indomitable, a really bright guy.  I have learned a lot from him.  But, recently he apparently ran into some problems.  Actually, he never acknowledged that times were a little tough, he never even seems to notice…  always undisturbed amid the sometimes frightening situations he is in, he shines right through.

Life had been unusually good for Ronnie, his life was bright and prosperous. Blessed with a sunny disposition and warm heart he had always been a source of inspiration to all those upon whom his light shone. He was a favorite at the beach where he frequently hung out.  And in the community he was a wonderful, valued friend to farmers, gardeners, store owners, parents and children.

But, last week we were all concerned that Ronnie had run into trouble.  No one in town could find him. He was missing for several days and folks around here were all worried.  Ronnie was the main topic of conversation, you could hear people at the grocery, the hardware store, and particularly at the Farmers’ Market in Blue Ridge,  asking what in the world had happened to him. His entire family had suddenly disappeared and concern was even expressed on the TV evening news out of Atlanta. 

But, not to worry!!!  He did show up later in the week .   Ronnie and the family burst onto the scene in a flash of brilliance, as usual.    You see Ronnie's full name is Ronnie Ray, he is a ray of sunshine.  YES!! Literally!

All the time that we had missed him, wondered and worried, sought him out, he had been busy.  While the skies had been grey and gloomy for us,
rain cascading down, the “Thunder of Thor” and the “Lightening of Zeus” flashing across the empyrean, Ronnie had been on top of the situation, calmly doing his job, just as he did every day.  He had been... well.. SHINING!!  That's all that Ronnie does, actually.  And Ronnie shines all of the time, day and night, on rainy and gloomy days, on snowy “no school” days, days when people he shines on are happy or sad, rich or poor.  He SHINES.  Even though we can't always see him,  he is there, faithfully, constantly, abundantly, like God’s Love.  

I love the thought of the sun’s rays, quietly about their task, shining, lighting up the dark places, warming the soil, melting the snow and ice, shining on birthday parties and parades, welcoming new arrivals to earth, helping the farmers, and comforting those of advanced years who may be sitting on their rocking chairs on the front porch, cherishing the warmth and the loving memories of friends and family. 

My wife is fascinated by the sun’s rays shining down through the trees in
early morning, or late afternoon.  The light filtering through the leaves, never the same, always making beautiful patterns.   As we sat on the deck one recent afternoon, I knew what she was thinking as she quietly gazed at the beauty before us.  Funny how something so simple can ignite a spark of peace, awe and appreciation.  She ALWAYS comments about the beauty of the light filtering down, you can count on it!!   I love her for that!!!

I began to wonder, are we like those rays?  I have often thought of how much like the sun and its rays are God and His precious ideas, His offspring, each one of us.  We aren't little flesh stick figures, "of few days, and full of trouble"  as Job described man born of woman.  

Aren’t we like rays of God’s goodness, similar to how the sun’s ray go out to bless the earth?  It helps me visualize how God, Love is expressed in the human view.   As God’s individual “reflections”, isn’t our job to “light up the dark places of sickness, disease and despair”?  Aren’t we here to bring the message that Life is eternal, that God is LOVE, to warm the hearts of those whom we touch, to brighten the days of the sad and sorrowing, to bring light, joy and happiness, a feeling of peace and well being to the world?     

Thinking of Ronnie Ray has helped me. He has made me realize that a real “heavenly ray” just reflects the Sun, it doesn’t come down to tell us how good it is.  It doesn’t try to convince us of its importance, or why it is better than darkness, or even compare itself to the other rays, it doesn’t have to be “The Greatest”!    It apparently doesn’t worry about how many are feeling it’s warmth or light,  it isn’t concerned about where it ends up, doesn’t know or care about the temperature of the earth or the surface it touches, needs no medicine, no drugs or stimulants, is content just to shine.   It just shines, it’s just there, just BEING…  being a sun ray.

Too, the rays of the sun, like their brothers, the rain drops, land where they are destined, humbly falling on the good and bad, never explaining or trying to convince the world that they are the REAL rays or raindrops, that their theory, creed or dogma  is the right one, that they were sent instead of some other less important ray or raindrop.  They just “ray and raindrop”,  blessing  all  by doing what they were created to do.

In her Bible companion textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, Mary Baker Eddy has it As a drop of water is one with the ocean, a ray of light one with the sun, even so God and man, Father and son, are one in being. The Scripture reads: “For in Him we live, and move, and have our being.”  SH 361

Man is not God, but like a ray of light which comes from the sun, man, the outcome of God, reflects God. SH 250

Today is the day for each of us to emulate Ronnie!!!   God provides the warmth, gentleness and the light, we just reflect.

With apologies to the popular song from the Broadway play, "Annie",  which includes the lines:
"The sun'll come out
Bet your bottom dollar
That tomorrow
There'll be sun!

When I'm stuck with a day
That's gray,
And lonely,
I just stick out my chin
And Grin,
And Say,

The sun'll come out
So ya gotta hang on
'Til tomorrow"

Sorry Annie!!  The sun is shining TODAY!!!!!!!  Just ask Ronnie Ray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Poet said...

Beautiful, Pat, and such a happy ending to your story. Tell Gail that I, too, as enchanted with the sun's rays. Lovely photos!

Sharon Howell said...

Opps, "am" enchanted. Excuse the type. Thinking faster than I type.

Laura Moliter said...

Pat, I love this story of Ronnie Ray and the wonderful ideas of each of us, as rays of light, naturally, effortlessly, spreading forth God's beautiful, perfect, healing light of Life! Love it! Thanks!

kelkmac said...

Love, love, love. Ronnie would be proud of you good sir! Not only for reminding us that rays ALWAYS shine, but for your example in living your ever-shining ray of Love.

Patrick Collins said...

Thanks for the tears, KK. Love you!

Melanie Jones said...

Cheers to one of my favorite Rays. The one and only PMC! Thanks!