Saturday, September 26, 2015


I saw her again today. She is always in the same place every day, right at the edge of the roadway  when I go past on my walk.

I expect that most people don’t even notice her as they rush by in cars and trucks, and I wonder if that makes her sad.  She’s a beautiful little thing, even sort of perky with her yellow hair and uplifted face and it’s a pity that those who miss seeing her have lost a wonderful opportunity to experience true loveliness.

It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve passed by. I always stop and look, sometimes standing there for a few minutes just staring down at her, giving her well deserved admiration, a lot of smiles and a few compliments. Yes, I talk to her and a few of her friends growing nearby.  

What a wonderful example she is of persistence,  beauty and vitality. Her "home" is a dirt berm  within a few feet of the roadway, no fancy garden, no beautiful amenities.  I’m not even sure what type of little flower she is but she doesn't seem to worry about that and never complains..

Looking at her my thoughts are momentarily  lifted above worldly concerns, worry slowly vanishes. 
A peaceful feeling washes over me and I begin to realize that God is reflected in her little face, a promise that no matter my material sense of existence, the view of a world in conflict, sometimes sadness, sometimes  struggles, the sense of urgency in day-to-day situations that would argue "Hurry, Hurry, Worry, Worry"  fades away and a more tender view of God's endless Love fills my heart.

 I see her as a  sort of  a poster child for those dear ones that  are passed by every day as we rush about, self absorbed, often too busy to see and feel the beauty that surrounds us or the need to be noticed and appreciated by those who are ignored, almost invisible and unnoticed .

I am tempted to pick her and take her home, but she speaks silently to me. She insists that she is there for a purpose, well rooted in her mission.  She is a “sentinel” with a job to do,  not there to be a “possession”,  but a symbol of God’s everpresence, a beautiful idea  to remind us of Love’s  constant blessings.  She sings sweetly, "There is more to life than you know.  Life is eternal and beautiful.   Stop and smell the roses... and the little yellow flowers too"!!!

After our conversation, I bid her goodbye,  turn and keep walking down the road, refreshed. Thanks little friend!  Thanks Father.


Kelkmac said...

Love this! Wonderful reminder that God's Great Plan is found in a thousand little every day, easy to pass by ways, if we are open to experience them. Thanks for sharing!

galew said...

I, too, love this. So sweet! So appropriate! I can sense Spirit in the environment! I'm sure this little symbol of God's love welcomes your visit as much as you do. Thanks for putting a smile on my face.

Patrick Collins said...

Thanks so much for your lovely comments! They are appreciated!!!

Melissa Hayden said...

Thanks Pat, what a sweet way to start the day.