Thursday, April 13, 2017


When I first saw this lovely doggie, I wanted to squeeze him. This boy could be considered beautiful by some, maybe not so pretty by others, I expect. It made me think about what real beauty is. AND, where do we look for it... within or without?

Mary Baker Eddy defines beauty this way in her book, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures", a companion to The Holy Bible:

"Beauty, as well as truth, is eternal; but the beauty of material things passes away, fading and fleeting as mortal belief." Immortality, exempt from age or decay, has a glory of its own, — the radiance of Soul. 

Immortal men and women are models of spiritual sense, drawn by perfect Mind and reflecting those higher conceptions of loveliness which transcend all material sense."

"Comeliness and grace are independent of matter. Beauty is a thing of life, which dwells forever in the eternal Mind and reflects the charms of His goodness in expression, form, outline, and color. It is Love which paints the petal with myriad hues, glances in the warm sunbeam, arches the cloud with the bow of beauty, blazons the night with starry gems, and covers earth with loveliness."

"The embellishments of the person are poor substitutes for the charms of being, shining resplendent and eternal over age and decay." (S&H page 248)

In an age when physical beauty, glamour, sculptured bodies, flawless skin, luxurious hair, petite body size and all of the other mortal measurements are "siren songs", alluring the unwary to worship the external, we sometimes glimpse where real beauty, lasting beauty, resides.

I love you "Wrinkled Doggie" and thank you for reminding us where to look for real beauty!!


Anonymous said...

Appreciate this post so very much! Right on. Thanks, Pat!

Anonymous said...

Hi Pat, Nehi all around for this post. I am an animal advocate everywhere and just rescued a cat on the lawn here in Northfield. I named him Bart and well when I found him he was only two ears..and ferral and I wondered what the heck I had done...I had lost my last 16 year old kitty after I moved here last June...and said no more myself....and here I go again. Well, this boy is a Spirit cat, as I asked God if he wanted me to have another animal to show me..and , he did. The beauty we see is reflected off of MIND ..and therefore perfect. We give it the color and the judgment.. we doubt its beauty or not, but God is always seeing its perfection . Love to you and your dear wife.. and if I could have your address please send it in email to let us keep more in touch . Love to you both. Merri and Bart

Anonymous said...

Well now, this IS beautiful! Love the picture, the quotes and the message. Thanks for this lovely reminder :-)