Monday, June 18, 2012

Love the Bees

What a wonderful example the little honey bee sets for us.  It is always busy, never time for complaining, never criticizing, always about her business, helping the flowers to live and reproduce, providing food for others and serving faithfully.

Negative thinkers may only see the bee as something that stings, other more positive folks love the bees for the wonderful example of industriousness that they set.   If we can follow their example, and spend our hours and days loving others and supporting them, our lives will be blessed.

"Have one God and you will have no devil.   Keep yourselves busy with divine Love. Then you will be toilers like the bee, always distributing sweet things which, if bitter to sense, will be salutary as  Soul; but you will not be like the spider, which weaves webs that ensnare."  Mary Baker Eddy 

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kevin said...

I love bees dad! I also love bumble bees! they are so heavy, and their wings so short, that scientifically they they should not be able to leave the ground! I guess nobody told them that!!!