Sunday, September 2, 2012


As I worked at my desk this morning, I looked down to see our two small dogs lying peacefully in their soft little beds. Even though it was approaching midday the doggies seemed to think it was an appropriate time to take “still another” nap. 

I hated to interrupt their "well deserved" rest but I really needed to shred some financial papers. As I put the papers into the hopper, the shredder came alive with a loud high pitched whir and vibration as it ate up the paper. I looked at the dogs, still peacefully lying there, knowing that no matter how much noise or commotion there was around them they were safe, they were with their "Daddy" and, if he was there, all was well, he would protect them from all evils.

Such trust.

The absolute trust and confidence demonstrated 
by these innocent little dogs' in the love and care of their “Daddy”  is such a good example for me. It brought to mind the many times when things seemed to be going wrong in my own experience, when confusion and fear, my equivalent of the shredder howling and screeching, caused concern or worry about what was coming next. The dogs’ peaceful repose in the midst of what, even to me, was loud and disturbing noise, showed once again how unwavering trust brings a sense of peace.

Over the years I have discovered that when we begin to have more faith in our Creator, more faith in God, in whose image and likeness we are made, not as "flesh and bone material bodies", but as spiritual beings, we can have more confidence in where we are being guided, we can develop that sense of Trust as well. The Bible has this simple reassurance:

"Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths." (Proverbs 3: 5-6)

Now some folks, even some of my own friends and relatives, think the Bible is just a compilation of stories that have little or no relevance or meaning today, stories and promises that have been outgrown and have been overturned by the latest technologies and "scientific opinion"..

            WHAT????     OUTDATED????        IRRELEVANT????

Do they mean that a compilation of stories of humanity’s struggles to understand life and its meaning are not important??  Is a book that describes how men and women through the centuries have slowly come to understand that life is more than bread and meat, more than power and conquest, more than self centered preening, more than self gratification, and that is more about loving and cherishing each moment of life and love, each tender touch, each moment of peace, each inspired idea of life's true beauty and meaning, each day’s blessings... to be disregarded?  A book that includes the historical account of the life and teaching of a man who loved, fed, healed, uplifted and taught people how to see above life's troubled seas?? Not relevant, not current, not applicable today? Hardly!!

We are each different. Maybe God hasn’t spoken out loud to us yet, but I know that the guidance of the Divine Intelligence, the Mind that is God is always coming to each of us, continually, when we are receptive, when we silence the roar of the physical senses and actually stop to listen.

When I was small I found a poem that meant a lot to me, it reassured me. It went something like this:

Each morning when I wake I pray
I put my hand in God’s today

I will not worry fear or fret or plan,
He wants me where and as I am;

And if I be relaxed in free,
He’ll work his purpose out through me.

As the years have gone by I have tried to hold onto that message. That sense of being safe in God’s protection, even when the way seems dark and discouraging.

I attended a talk one evening some years ago whose gentle lesson I will never forget.   It was given by Alan Young who was at that time giving talks on Christian Science. You may remember him as Wilbur from the "Mr. Ed", the talking horse TV program. 

Mr. Young told a story about going out early one morning to get the newspaper. As he walked down the driveway he saw the man next door walking towards his car holding the hand of his small son. Mr. Young looked over at the boy smiled and said “Hi Billy, where are you going today”. The little boy threw back his shoulders and with a beaming smile said, “ I don’t really know Mr. Young,  but I’m going with my Father.” That was enough for him to know. With a sense of confidence, joy and expectation that small boy summed up what can be our view of life. 

Put your hand in God’s today and wherever you go, go with your Father. He will always be talking to you, caring for you and guiding you.

Dog’s Trust.  We can too!!


kevin said...

Very True Dad. We have all seen our share of rough, or dark, times. Thanks for always being there to offer guidance and appreciated advice.

TCWCAC said...

thanks for sharing. i learned a similar poem from my wise and loving parents when i was a child:

I am the place where God shines thru
for He and I are one, not two.

I shall not fret, nor fear nor plan
He wants me where and as I am;

and if i be.. relaxed and free,
He'll work his purpose out thru me.

Thanks again for your sharing!

Anonymous said...

My dog was my best bud, the only creature that naturally loves you more than he loves himself. This story reminds me of the old RCA Gramaphone logo. The dog was staring into the speaker because the fidelity of the sound was so good. The recording was something that the dog easily recognized: His Master's Voice. Would that we could all recognize and follow with complete trust our Master's voice

Patrick Collins said...

What a wonderful thought!! Thanks so much. I well remember the RCA dog and the faithful guy listening and recognizing. Thanks for the thought!!